It’s the perfect suburb to stay in outside of Nashville.

Mt. Juliet is just a 15-minute drive from Nashville International Airport, making it a quieter, more affordable suburban alternative to staying in Nashville city-proper. It’s close to all major freeways so you can easily get back into the city, but has beautiful parks and expansive natural space if you are looking to escape from the hustle and bustle of Nashville. You’re bound to have less traffic, fewer crowds and fewer tourists to deal with when staying where the locals live – the suburbs! Mt. Juliet, TN, is known as the “City Between the Lakes” and prides itself on being a “place to belong” so you can guarantee to feel at home in this small town.

Picture of the city seal of Mount Juliet, TN.

Mount Juliet, TN – City Seal

Visit nearby Old Hickory Lake or J. Percy Priest Reservoir.

Because it’s the “City Between the Lakes”, Mt. Juliet is perfect for those that enjoy water sports such as kayaking, boating, fishing or simply sightseeing around the water. Old Hickory Lake makes a beautiful, scenic spot to spend a day or two out in Tennessee’s beautiful nature. Long Hunter Park along J. Percy Priest Reservoir also offers recreational activities such as swimming, fishing, and hiking, while also exploring 2,600 acres of land. You can also rent paddleboards, kayaks, row boats or canoes, all for less than $10 hourly. There are 25-miles of hiking trails, with trials ranging from one to six miles each in length. If you don’t want to leave the natural surrounds just yet, consider renting a campsite for the night or a cabin!


Get active and do some horseback riding at Juro Stables.

This local stable offers super affordable horseback riding – hour long rides for adults for as little as $25. Being out in the country in middle Tennessee seems to lend itself perfectly to this leisurely pastime. Even if you haven’t ridden before, or have kids with you, the stables have an option for you! Just make sure to book ahead as they only take reservations, not walk-ins. If you really keen to enjoy the scenic surrounds of middle Tennessee, then you can opt for a Sunset ride, which goes for $50 an hour. The stable is owned by a local couple who have been riding for decades, so you can be assured you are getting the experience of a true Tennessean.

No trip to Tennessee is complete without a Biscuit breakfast, but Nashville is too crowded!

With the surging popularity of “brunch” and Instagramming your food, and Nashville already being a popular tourist destination – many popular walk-in restaurants are known to have 1-2+ hour waits even early in the morning. In Mt. Juliet, you are far less likely to have that problem, but you won’t have to compromise on quality. If anything, you may be getting an, even more, local and authentic southern experience. At Sweet Biscuit (http://sweetbiscuitco.com) for example, you can pick a favorite from the seasonal biscuit flavors, and the options change daily! You can’t get much fresher than that.