There are so many myths concerning plumbing, how to fix it how to maintain it, some of which are true others are not true. In order for you to properly fix and maintain your plumbing effectively, you should have knowledge on what is true and what is just a myth. In this article we have put together the following top 5 biggest plumbing myths:

Picture of a cold bathroom faucet fixture.
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Myth 1. Leaking pipes can wait…really?

This is the small drip under the sink or in the basement that you tend to put off because you think it can’t cause much damage in your home or interfere with your water bill. This big can easily be debunked.

First of all, the collateral damage of the water leaking inside your house is going to cause the most concern. Water damage restoration is not cheap. Fixing it can help you save your property from serious damages. It is also a sign of weak fittings, hence chances are it will be much worse in the near future.

Would you prefer to wait for a real plumbing emergency, while water is pooling up in your house? And let’s not forget, the foul odor that usually occurs with a water leak is probably mold.

Myth 2. The Plunger, The Only Plumbing Tool You Need

The plunger: the plumbing tool most widely known for removing clogs and is a staple in most households. However not all clogs can be removed by the plunger – plumbing isn’t that simple.

Some may require a more sophisticated tool, the snake. The plumbing snake is meant to go where no plunger can go. They make these tools in various sizes and sophistication. If you are a homeowner, you may want to think about investing one of these bad boys, in the case of a plumbing emergency.

Myth 3. Your Water Heater Does Not Actually Need Maintenance.

Chances are, you should probably check your water heater more often than you already are. We always recommend checking it twice a year to ensure it is running at optimal performance. If you have ever experienced a cold shower in the winter, you know the importance of ensuring your water heating unit is in working order. Also, by flushing out your water heater at least once a year, you will improve the quality of water in your house and also increase the longevity of the water heater.

Myth 4. You Can Dispose Of Food Waste Down The Garbage Disposal

This is one of the biggest myths in household plumbing. The garbage disposal is not meant to dispose of garbage. This is counter-intuitive, yes, but in doing so it can cause the garbage disposal to malfunction.

For example peels, eggshells, seeds, and any other form of food waste will cause a lot of wear and tear on the blade resulting in a faulty appliance.

This will cause the appliance to be able to process the foods in small amounts and flow through your plumbing pipes. Also, foods like rice too can absorb water and bloat in the pipes. Don’t end up breaking disposal by putting incorrect food down your disposals, plain and simple.


With those five biggest common plumbing myths we expect you to know about the myths about the plumbing in case someone tells you to try them in your homes and in case you are faced with a challenge on plumbing issues I believe you know how to handle it.

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Will it be okay if my kitchen sink slowly leaks?

If you have a water leak of any kind, it’s best to get it fixed right away. If you wait to repair a leaking drain, faucet, or pipe, you are risking water damage and a bigger repair bill.

Will a plunger unclog my drain?

A plunger can work in some cases but in many other cases will not fully clear your drain of the clog.