Lebanon, Tennessee is a suburb of Nashville, TN. It is located about 25 miles east of Nashville, and it incorporated in 1801. Lebanon is the county seat of Wilson County. The population of Lebanon, TN is about 30,000 people. The city has a reputation of being called “Cedar City” because there is an abundance of cedar trees in the area.

Picture of downtown Lebanon, TN

City Of Lebanon, Tennessee

     There are several interesting things to do when you visit Lebanon. Below is a list of some ideas.

            -The popular restaurant chain, Cracker Barrel was founded in Lebanon. Cracker Barrel still has its’ headquarters located there. This would be a wonderful way to celebrate this popular dining pleasure and dine at the Cracker Barrel in the original hometown.

Wilson County Fair

            -If you are in Lebanon during fair season, make sure to visit the Wilson County Fair. This fair is ranked one of the best fairs in the U.S., and should not be overlooked.

Picture of a ferris wheel at the wilson county state fair in Lebanon, TN.

Wilson County Fair | by AWJ-photography

Cedars of Lebanon State Park

            -Cedars of Lebanon State Park is a nice way to spend an afternoon while in Lebanon. The park was added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1995. The park covers 900 acres and rests in the midst of the Cedars of Lebanon State Forest. While you are at the park, enjoy a nice hike on one of the many trails available. You may also wish to stay the night in one of the cabins that are available, or you can tent camp if that interests you. The horse stables will be closed during the 2017 season; however, you may bring your own horse to ride, if you are planning on trail riding.  

Don Fox Community Park

            -Another spot for the outdoor enthusiast is Don Fox Community Park, which is located on West Baddour Parkway. One of the highlights of this park is the fitness equipment that is available for use. This is a nice spot for people who want to stretch or warm-up before embarking on an exercise walk or a jog on one of the tracks available in the park. The tracks provide a great spot for training and conditioning as you keep a steady pace on the path. The park also has outdoor pavilions, which are available for rent, if you plan to have a crowd for a picnic or outdoor gathering.


            -Lebanon also has many delightful places to eat. A few places that are recommended are; Chili’s Grill and Bar, Tom’s Blue Moon BBQ, Yummy Thai, and El Molino Mexican Restaurant. The reviews on all of these restaurants mentioned are quite positive, and they are all worth looking into for a fine meal.

     As you can see, Lebanon, TN, has lots of different things to see and do. You will find that just as you drive around the city, there are a lot of historical sights and buildings that should also be explored. Of course, since you are so close to Nashville, you could also drive into the city to find an even greater variety. However, there is plenty of stuff to keep you occupied in the smaller, calmer city limits of Lebanon, Tennessee.