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When searching to find a plumber in Lebanon, TN, we hope you choose Star Plumbing Company as we provide professionally trained, certified local plumbers near you. Star Plumbing Company is a full-service company with the ability to handle both residential and commercial jobs. Our skillful technicians come fully prepared for any situation and will give your home or business a complete 10-point plumbing inspection upon arrival. We want you to feel confident that we have not overlooked any areas that may be causing an issue before we start the job at hand. This plumbing inspection also allows us to properly diagnose and ensure your current plumbing lines and installations are in correct working order. We will also leave the worksite clean and provide friendly feedback as needed to keep you informed and educated on the job we have asked to perform.  

Emergency Plumbing

Not all plumbing service calls come conveniently in the middle of the day and we understand that if you are experiencing a breakdown in your plumbing system, an after hours emergency call may be necessary in order to address the situation as soon as possible. What truly sets us apart is our friendly staff and responsive emergency plumbers who are fully committed to your home plumbing needs. If you are experiencing a backed up sewer or clogged drain, please give us a call as we are here to assist you. 

Water Heater Service

Star Plumbing Company specializes in hot water service and replacement. If you are experiencing malfunctions or leaking water in your heating unit, we can resolve the problem. Most of the time homeowners forget to have their water heater flushed throughout the year which will cause sediment to build up in the lines resulting in low water pressure, foul odor, or even worse, no hot water at all. We provide complete water heater maintenance and annual servicing to both storage tank heaters and tankless water heaters. Call Star Plumbing Company for all of your water heating maintenance needs. 

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