One of the man-made miracles that made life easier and more comfortable for everyone is indoor plumbing. Most of us take it for granted as we flush away waste and washing without a hitch or glitch. However, it must also be remembered that it’s not a one-way street when it comes to our pipelines. Problems start when stinky smells begin to waft from your drains that can actually pose health risks, notwithstanding the unpleasant odor they bring. Ignoring the problem is not the option unless you’re willing to put up with the stink.

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A Bad Smelling Drain Is Not A Good Sign

The trending DIY today seems to have every homeowner jumping on the bandwagon to do household projects such as cleaning smelly drains instead of calling a professional plumber right off. Not only does it save big bucks, there is also the hard-to-resist call of the challenge to set things right in the home.

If you happen to belong to the trendy group of weekend DIY warriors, here are some timely tips to get rid of that awful smell coming from the drains of your home.


Check Your Water Traps

It is good that a dry drain is one of the chief causes for sewer odors. This problem is also the most painless to fix with little or no trouble at all. The drying of the water trap in the pipe of the drain is one common cause for the stink to drift from room to room.

The only thing you can do to resolve this is to run a little water down the drain. If you look at the sinks in your home you will see that the pipes all have u-shaped bends. That u-shaped bend is known as the water trap or a P trap, and any small object such as an earring accidentally falling down the drain will most likely be found in it.

The reason why it’s shaped like that is for it to hold water, thereby serving as a water barrier between all the yucky stuff down there and into your home. When this particular water drain has not been used for quite some time, the water trap becomes dry to allow the stink to float up to the drains of the home. Running water for several seconds on the drain refills the water trap to make the smell go away.

If the smell comes from a floor drain, pouring a bucket of water over it should do the trick. If the smell leaves after you do this, then you’re good to go.


Scrubbing the pipes

If that smell does not go away after you’ve used the dry water trap trick, then it’s time to scrub away filthy and stinky residues from the plumbing pipe. This usually happens in drains or kitchen sinks that frequently wash down food and other biological materials.

Scrubbing away the stinky residues lodged in your pipes is the most straightforward way to resolve the problem. Yet, the cleaning process can go both ways depending on the condition of the pipe. It can be an easy or tough task as it involves removing the cover of the drain and using a long pipe brush to scrub the pipe. It also means using a 50/50 mix of water and bleach to spray down the inner pipe walls to coat and further deodorize the area.


When it’s too much – call a plumber

You can only do so much and the problem becomes insurmountable and real when ALL the drains in the home are giving off that gross and hard-to-ignore smell. When it feels like it’s too much for one person to do, then the last recourse is to call a licensed and local plumber in Mt. Juliet TN.


Remember, a professional plumber is the ONLY person that can trace the source of the smell and do something about it before it poisons everyone in the entire household! So whether you are in Mt. Juliet or Lebanon, TN, give us a call today! We also provide emergency plumbing hours, so don’t hesitate. We are always available, at your service.