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Emergency Plumbers in Mt. Juliet and Lebanon, TN Area


If you are in the Mt. Juliet or Lebanon, TN area and need an emergency plumber than pick up the phone and call (615) 645-3051 to reach us. We are dedicated to meeting the demands of our customers. Brentwood Star Plumbing as recently started taking emergency plumbing calls and our team is here to assist you! Homeowners never consider having an emergency plumber available in their contacts when one is needed. As a homeowner you should save our number and have it ready to go so when an emergency pops up you won’t loose any time trying to find someone to come out and give you assistance. Its also a good idea to go ahead and vet the local plumbing contractors in your area so you don’t get stuck with a company you regret working with. In an emergency situation you will not have the luxury to be picky, so hopefully you will have already saved our plumbing company in your phone.

Emergency plumber in Mt. Juliet, TN and Lebanon, TN

Drain cleaning tips for you to avoid an emergency plumbing call:

  • Avoid disposing of food down your garbage disposal.

Not only will this increase the lifespan of your garbage disposal but also decrease the chances of having it backed up. Also be sure to avoid disposing of any non-food items in the garbage disposal. This will certainly clog up your kitchen plumbing and eventual cost you a lot of money to repair.

  • Protect your drains to prevent clogging.

Keep the drains covered with a strainer to help prevent any access food or hair going down the drain. If you find your sink is draining slowly then try pouring baking soda into the drain and following that up with vinegar. The key here is to stop up the drain with a stopper or rag after you after poured the vinegar over the baking soda. Let the application set for 30 minutes and then pour hot water down the drain.

  • Buy a drain-cleaning snake to see if you can unclog the blockage.

If you go to your local hardware store you can usually find a cheap hand-held drain snake to keep at your house in case of a clog. These are easy to operate and can clear up simple drain clogs that are not deep in your pipes. Last we checked you can find these small snakes for about $10 at the hardware store.

If you are in the Mt. Juliet or Lebanon, TN area and the situation requires an emergency plumber to assist you, then please give us a call (615) 645-3051.


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