An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Heard that before? Well, it’s not just true when it comes to your health. You can also prevent your drain from clogging, and avoid the inconvenience. Let’s face it: Nobody enjoys cleaning drains, except for maybe professional plumbers. We actually love drain cleaning. For homeowners, try these tips to keep your drain clog-free.

Picture of a kitchen sink drain.

Kitchen Sink | Drain Cleaning

  • Pour grease from cooking into a container that can handle a lot of heat, and wait for it to harden. Then, throw it away. Grease hardens when it cools, and if you pour liquid grease down your drain, it can harden in the drain, leading to a clog.
  • Avoid pouring coffee grains down the sink. They can clog up your sink by sticking to the drain.
  • Use a screen to cover the mouth of the drain. This can catch hair and other bits and pieces that could cause a clog.
  • Run the hot water after using the drain. This will keep oils from food flowing instead of sticking.
  • Pour boiling water down the drain. This will melt fat and grease that may have accumulated in the drain.
  • Avoid letting banana peels, eggshells, or potato skins go down your drain. These are known drain-cloggers.
  • Run the cold water while using your garbage disposal.
  • Don’t flush paper products down the drain. These will clog up your drain for sure.
  • Use a lint catcher on your washing machine hose. This will keep the lint from the washer from building up and creating a clog.
  • Don’t rinse grout or cement down the drain. These would create a clog that is very difficult to remove and would require professional help. Unless you enjoy having an emergency plumbing episode. 
  • Save your food waste and compost it. This is a good way to be 100% certain that food bits don’t accumulate in the drain.
  • Wash pets outside. This will keep your drains free of pet hair.
  • Do not flush feminine hygiene products, throw them away.
  • Clean your bathroom sink stoppers every week.
  • Use a bacteriological drain cleaner as opposed to a corrosive chemical cleaner. Organic matter is the cause of drain clogs most of the time, and these drain cleaners contain bacteria that break down that matter.
  • Try to remove any loose hair by brushing before a bath or shower. This will minimize the amount of hair that washes out during a shower or bath, potentially clogging your drain.
  • Avoid letting flour-based products, such as pasta and bread, go down the drain. These are clog-causers.
  • Minimize the amount of soap going down the drain. Surprised at this one? Soap residue can actually build up, causing other things to get caught in it.
  • Avoid letting lotions and cosmetics go down the drain. These can cause build-up.
  • It may seem obvious, but don’t let glue go down the drain.
  • Avoid flushing even products that claim to be flushable. The labeling on the packages can be misleading.

Following these tips can help keep your drains in tip-top shape. If a problem arises that you can’t fix yourself, give us a call today and let us know how we can help you. We service Mt. Juliet and the greater Lebanon, TN areas. We’d be happy to hear from you!